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Michael Ducharme in Sanremo

Michael Ducharme

Michael Jonathan Ducharme was born on October 2, 1979 in Windsor Ontario.

Michael’s search for wellness began at the tender age of four. He was inspired primarily by his aunt, Sister Jane Ducharme, and her closest friend, Sr. Linda Dube. The two nuns read bible stories to Michael early on. Michael was especially interested in the ones relating to “healing the sick”. On his fifth birthday, Sr. Jane gave Michael the book “Words to Love By”, written by Mother Theresa, with whom Jane had studied directly.

That same year, Sr. Linda taught Michael The Scientific Method and its usefulness in identifying and solving the world’s problems. Michael resolved to find a solution for migraines. Although he never directly experienced a migraine, he knew its effects through his older brother, Stephen, and through Sr. Linda herself. In helping Michael with his new mission, Jane acquired and shared many books related to natural health and healing, including “Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain: The Practice of Informed Touch”.

Michael obtained near-perfect grades at school and still had plenty of time left over for his extracurricular investigations. He started his first business before the age of ten, and became independent before the age of twenty. He won several awards including “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” from the Windsor Chamber of Commerce and “Ontario Business Achievement Award” from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

He attended the University of Windsor but left the institution to focus completely on his thriving businesses, which he later sold to focus on his true mission, wellness. He “retired” to Panama in 2003, having selected this country as the optimal place for the headquarters of his wellness operation.

Together with his brother Stephen, he opened American health Inc to focus on one of the most overlooked methods of avoiding disease: detoxification.

Then, he opened a healing center called Yoguini Spa as a “testing lab” for the healing system that he created (The Ducharme Protocol). The results were unprecedented for migraines and a host of other physical, mental and emotional conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Michael created The Lotus Lifestyle, an eight-petaled approach to obtaining wellness of the body, mind and spirit. A book under this name is under way, with chapters on breath, sunshine, water, food, wiggliness, detoxification, meditation, dreaming and love. As well, Michael wrote “Get Wiggly!” to fully expand on his discovery that “Wiggliness is Wellness”.

He is frequently invited in Panama as a speaker (in both English and Spanish) and has a health segment on a weekly radio news program.

Michael frequently publishes articles related to health, wellness and healing on his Web site, www.michaelducharme.com. He has recently designed and built a Wellness Community called Vida Lotus.