Get Wiggly!

Get Wiggly - Eliminate Migraines Headaches Insomnia and Improve Overall Health - Michael DucharmeGET WIGGLY is a book by Michael Ducharme available through

Get Wiggly – Get Well describes the single step that produces dramatic results for those suffering physical, mental and emotional pain, and everyone that wants more energy, greater joy and higher consciousness.

Wiggliness is Wellness!

As a young boy, Michael noticed that those who got frequent  headaches were less wiggly than others. So he invented a way to help his friends and family to get wiggly and to everyone’s surprise, the headaches would disappear within minutes! And even more amazing, was that a bunch of other conditions were disappearing just as easily.

Get Wiggly and see “miraculous” results

Michael’s results have been called “miraculous” by those that experienced immediate and lasting relief from his system, when countless other systems had previously failed. Michael calls his system The Ducharme Protocol for Wellness, or just The Ducharme Protocol.


Wiggly is a book for kids and their parents, available now through Amazon. Click here for more information.