The Ducharme Protocol

The Ducharme Protocol for Getting Wiggly

The Ducharme Protocol effectively unblocks energy stagnation using manipulation and music to relieve physical, mental and emotional illness. The Ducharme Protocol can be explained as a system of passive yoga, wherein the practitioner stretches, twists and wiggles the patient’s body to the pulse of the music, eliminating energetic blockages and  leaving your body wiggly like a garden hose, whose flowing energy passes freely throughout. Your search for optimal wellness reaches a new plateau. The Ducharme Protocol includes patient education on pro-actively preventing future energy stagnation.

The Ducharme Protocol is designed to alleviate and prevent conditions like migraines, insomnia and anxiety. The Ducharme Protocol can stop a migraine in progress within a few minutes. More importantly, the Ducharme Protocol can help prevent future migraines and headaches. Long-lasting results can be achieved in just a few sessions.

After more than two decades of experimentation, Michael  succeeded in developing a highly effective,  non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment protocol for chronic headaches and chronic migraines.

The hallmark of his system is a unique method of restoring the normal energy flow (wiggliness!) throughout the entire body, such that the body is able to heal itself quickly and efficiently. This self-healing includes proper oxygenation and detoxification, which are apparently hindered by a lack of what Michael calls “wiggliness”.

In most cases, The Ducharme Protocol can eliminate an acute migraine attack in under ten minutes. By the end of the first session (which lasts 1.5 – 2 hours), the energy flow has been restored to the extent that approximately 80% of migraine sufferers will not have a recurrence for an extended period, generally 6 months – 1 year, even without a follow-up treatment. In the remaining 20% of subjects where migraines do continue, they are generally more than 50% less frequent and less severe. In these cases, a follow-up treatment may further improve the condition.

The Ducharme Protocol provides immediate relief from acute symptoms such as a migraine attack, and an effective prophylactic against future symptoms. This allows the patient time and “space” to adopt The Lotus Lifestyle, which will make the result permanent.

The Ducharme Protocol involves a sequence of 40 techniques of gentle body manipulation, each of which is set to a carefully-selected piece of music that contains a specific “pulse”. The movements must perfectly correspond with the pulse of the music. The majority of the techniques are quite simple. Therefore The Ducharme protocol can be taught to many people with different backgrounds. A chiropractor, a doctor or an experienced massage therapist will be able to master all 40 techniques with as little as three days of practice. Compassionate but less-experienced care-givers will still be able to perform 35 of those techniques within a few months.

The Ducharme Protocol is designed to allow energy to pass through the body “unobstructed” (to the greatest extent possible during a single session). If a serious blockage can be reduced by 80% during the session, the migraine condition will be halted. If the person were suffering an acute migraine attack just prior to the treatment, this will have disappeared. If the person usually suffers a daily migraine, she will likely enjoy a considerable period of time free of further attacks. This period is usually a minimum of several months but can be extended indefinitely with a very simple daily exercise that takes just 1-2 minutes to maintain the benefits of the treatment over the long term.

In addition to migraine symptoms vanishing, the patient may experience other benefits. If she previously had suffered from insomnia or anxiety, these conditions will also greatly improve and there may also be an improvement in some cases of depression.